Credit buy-back with a deposit: how does it work?


The deposit is a guarantee making it possible to obtain the redemption of his credits, a guarantee making it possible to cover the reimbursement. The deposit applies to the repurchase of home loans and the repurchase of consumer credits. for further clarification

Guarantee: loan repurchase

Guarantee: loan repurchase

This credit buy-back formula is specially reserved for owners and first-time buyers.

With the repurchase of loan by guarantee, it is thus possible to collect only consumer credits, whether it is back-to-back credits or personal loans, including revolving credits, to include the reimbursement of various nature of debts and, as necessary and within certain limits, to finance a project or to obtain a cash envelope.

It is also possible to collect home loans, in particular to pass them from a revisable rate to a fixed rate for example, and / or all kinds of credits and debts as said above, as well as the financing of a project or obtaining cash.

The surety has the same advantages as a mortgage (it is possible to obtain a credit repurchase without surety). The borrower signs only his loan offer and the surety bond at home. There is no longer any compulsory passage before a notary, hence an appreciable saving of time in the instruction and the implementation of the loan. It is, in fact, a procedure that is both simpler and faster than that applied for the repurchase of credit with mortgage.

Guarantee by a mutual guarantee company

 Guarantee by a mutual guarantee company

Of course, as for a repurchase of mortgage real estate mortgage, in addition to the expenses of bank and file, there are expenses of guarantee. In this case, the guarantee is the bond issued by a mutual guarantee company. The related premium is included in the financing. It is often lower than notary fees (including the cost of the mortgage).

The surety can play a decisive role in the acceptance of the request by the bank, particularly when it comes to a grouping of consumer credits of a high amount.

This repurchase of loans always benefits from fixed rates when it relates to a grouping of consumer credits and can be accompanied by fixed rates or adjustable rates when it is a repurchase of mortgage or mixed.

Credit consolidation with surety is subject to specific acceptance conditions depending on the lending credit institution.

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