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Starting credit immediately. A Good Credit start-up loan from Universal or Good Credit is not possible without being under pressure to pay back the borrowed money immediately. Applications can only be submitted. Notify changes immediately, e.g. when starting a full-time job.

Attractive start-up capital up to USD 100,000 – Good Credit Fine Bank


The Fine Bank funding measure offers start-ups, freelancers and small businesses the opportunity to obtain affordable financing with a third-party funding volume of up to USD 100,000. The aim of the Good Credit Fine Bank loan program is to provide founders and existing companies with an easily accessible loan to promote investment projects and material resources. In principle, all start-ups, freelancers, company successors, and young companies can apply to Good Credit Fine Bank.

This is especially true if you start a business, consolidate a start-up (up to 5 years after the company was founded), participate in a company as a managing partner ….. The Good Credit Fine Bank programs cannot be used for all types of investment and company funds become.

Start-up credits

Start-up credits

The search for a suitable form of financing is not so easy for start-ups and young companies. As an alternative to the purely bank-based financing option, there are two starting loans, to which reference is made again in the following. From December 1st, 2015, the maximum age of the companies eligible for this program will be increased from three to five years.

With the offer “Good Credit start-up credit – Fine Bank” guaranteed by the EIF, there are more freelancers and small companies to choose from in the development phase. Up to five (so far three) years after the company was founded, start-ups and start-ups can aim for start-up costs of up to USD 100,000 through their bank.

Further information can be found on the Good Credit website and an associated press release. The micro-credit of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania supports this group of people with a fixed-interest, repayable repayment loan (up to 20,000?). The microcredit was introduced in 2004, during which time almost 1,400 applications were approved and a total of more than 13 million loans were granted.

The State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Small and Medium-Sized Good Credit and Society recently created a handout with a condensed overview of microcredit for start-ups. If you would like to find out more about the various financing options, here is an overview.

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