Which credit card for Brazil travel?

When planning a trip to Brazil, the question of the right means of payment naturally arises. The choice of the right credit card is a key point

Acceptance of credit cards in Brazil

Acceptance of credit cards in Brazil

Basically, the well-known international credit cards such as Visa or Masercard are accepted nationwide in Brazil. Therefore, both providers are recommended without restrictions for the trip to Brazil. Paying small amounts by credit card is also relatively widespread in Brazil. In the hotel, shop, restaurant or at the airport, card payments are easily possible.

An EC card with Maestro or Cyrrus symbol in connection with the PIN number can also be used to pay when shopping in Brazil. Before leaving, it is worthwhile to reassure your own bank that the credit card and EC card are also activated for use in Brazil. Simple V-Pay cards, which have recently become common in Germany, are generally not accepted outside of Europe.

Withdraw cash: only with the right card

Withdraw cash: only with the right card

You can pay with credit cards worldwide, but when you withdraw cash you can usually get cheaper with EC cards. Second obstacle: Not all ATMs in Brazil can be used to withdraw cash. The Brazilian banking system has a large number of machines, but the devices are not networked with each other. To ensure that the transaction runs smoothly, pay attention to the identification of the ATMs when you withdraw. Only devices that are marked with the respective symbols such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Cyrrus also spit out cash.

It’s the payment mix that matters!


In order to be really prepared for all eventualities and problems during your trip to Brazil, it is advisable to use a means of payment mix. Smaller amounts of foreign exchange, travelers checks and cash are good options. But each of the alternative means of funding has small problems. Travelers checks are more difficult to exchange, especially in rural areas.

It is much easier with a credit card. In addition to the bank’s own credit card, it can also be worthwhile to take out a second card. A second card may provide better conditions that could make transactions abroad cheaper. In addition, the second card makes you feel good, it can help you to get cash in an emergency

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