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With spring fast approaching, many people with seasonal or perennial allergies are preparing to deal with them again. This is especially difficult for people who wear contact lenses.

An estimated one third of contact lens wearers experience itchy eyes and 80% are frustrated that allergies are interfering with their normal wear.

Often, contact lens wearers rely on allergy eye drops to manage their symptoms. However, 73% of these patients find prescription allergy eye drops frustrating to use and which can lead to dissatisfaction with their contact lenses. But help arrived. Introducing Acuvue Theravision – a new generation of contact lenses that feature allergy medication built right into the lens material itself.

Vernon optometrist Dr. Tanner Udenberg has a unique perspective on this innovation. Before completing his degree in optometry in 2010, he earned a degree in pharmacology from the University of Alberta and even published a research experience.

“I really think this will be seen as a watershed moment in our profession in how we approach eye allergies,” Udenberg says. “Acuvue Theravision may be the first, but there are many more drug-release contact lenses in the pipeline. It’s always exciting to have new options to offer our patients.

He says he’s excited about the latest offering from Acuvue, well known for its contact lens innovations. The company developed Oasys transitions contact lenses a few years ago, which are clear indoors but darken in sunlight to protect the eye. With so many contact lens options now available, ophthalmologists have more vision solutions to offer their patients than ever before.

“It’s about having options and choices,” he says.

Acuvue Theravision combines etafilcon A with ketotifen, a well-known antihistamine. It is the first and only drug-release contact lens for patients who need vision correction and eye itch relief in one step. The built-in allergy medication begins to relieve itchy eyes within minutes, providing fast, lasting relief for up to 12 hours. The drug is released over time (up to five hours) with a precise and constant dosage. Theravision also provides UV protection for wearers, which Udenberg says is important for optimizing long-term eye health when it comes to issues like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Over the past few years, there has been a flurry of innovation in contact lenses, including new multifocal lenses, cosmetic lenses, the aforementioned Transitions lenses, and now medicated lenses. With such innovation coming from contact lens companies like Acuvue, “we are well suited to meet the increasingly demanding visual needs of the modern wearer,” says Udenberg.

He and his business partner, Dr. Meghan Ashton, operate Vernon Optometry with a team of six physicians and are one of the first clinics in the province to offer Acuvue Theravision.

To learn more about Acuvue Theravision, make an appointment with Vernon Optometry today.

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