COVID-19 or allergic fall symptoms? The video explains



Are these allergies in the fall or COVID-19?

There are symptoms of stuffy nose, posterior runny nose, sneezing, and wheezing, so that gets you thinking.

Cleveland Clinic allergist Dr Sandra Hong said in a health video report that fall allergy symptoms can be easily mistaken for those of COVID-19.

And she explains how we can tell them apart.

“Things that I think make a difference and help you decide, are these allergies or COVID? With COVID, we don’t have as much sneezing and itching, ”she explained. “So if you’ve noticed each year that you have the same kinds of symptoms in the fall, it’s probably more allergic-related.”

Hong said fever and loss of taste and smell are possible with severe allergies, but more common with COVID-19. Fatigue is also a symptom of COVID, but people with allergies can also feel tired. However, when fatigue is linked to an allergy, it can sometimes be due to allergy medications causing drowsiness.

Fatigue from COVID is often more debilitating.

“COVID-related fatigue, however, often people have a fever, often people are really sore with COVID and they feel so tired that they just don’t want to get out of bed, we don’t see it’s almost as much with allergies, unless it’s extremely severe allergies, ”Hong said.

See the video above to learn more.

This story was originally published October 11, 2021 2:01 pm.

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