Health column: Anovia Health presents a new allergy treatment

Although there are 50 to 60 million people with allergies in the United States, only a fraction receive treatment that can modify the underlying disease. Instead, most suffer from their symptoms, try to avoid problematic allergens, or temporarily treat symptoms with prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. But now allergy sufferers in central Wisconsin have another option for treating the cause — not just the symptoms — of their allergies.

Anovia Health has introduced people with local allergies to sublingual immunotherapy or allergy drop immunotherapy. Like allergy shots, allergy drops help patients build long-term tolerance to their allergies. Instead of receiving small amounts of substances that cause reactions during an injection, patients self-administer the treatment as a liquid drop placed under the tongue. This is where specialized cells receive the allergen and can safely train the body to tolerate, rather than react to, problematic allergens.

The practice uses a thorough medical history, examinations and specific tests to determine what the patient is allergic to and their level of sensitivity.

This information allows us to create a personalized treatment tailored specifically to that patient’s allergic fingerprint, allowing us to treat them in a way that specifically matches their needs.

Since allergy drops have additional safety benefits, a wider range of patients can be treated. This includes young children, asthmatics, patients who cannot tolerate injections, very sensitive patients, and those with other related chronic conditions. Besides seasonal allergies, the allergy drops have been shown to be effective for patients with food allergies and mold, as well as allergic asthma and eczema.

We are excited to offer patients who have not responded to other treatments an option that may provide a long-term solution to their allergy concerns.

Anovia Health combines its expertise in the treatment of allergies and the La Crosse Method protocol that has been refined over 50 years of clinical expertise and research.

Although the treatment may be new to the region, we base our treatment on methods that have been used to effectively treat patients across the country for over five decades.

Dr Sabina Singh is the Chief Medical Officer of Anovia Health.

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