Higher temperatures causing allergic symptoms unusual for the season


Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, and doctors said sinus infections were on the rise from just a few weeks ago. The hot weather causes people to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the latest hot temperatures. “I go out a lot and am prone to allergy issues,” said Jill Leslye.

Leslye spends her time outside of painting artwork. Doctors said she was not the only one suffering from fall allergy problems. “I am seeing an increase in the number of patients with allergy symptoms this month. I think with the rain and the change from hot to cold, a lot more people have flare-ups, “said Dr Christin Baker-Hankton.

Dr Baker-Hankton of the Utica Park Clinic said she sees more of these flare-ups turning into sinus infections. “We’re not treating our allergies appropriately. So it’s going to be about dealing with over-the-counter antihistamines,” Dr Baker-Hankton said.

She said young children and even newborns also suffer from allergies. Dr Baker-Hankton said a nasal wash can help and start antihistamines immediately. “If you know you have allergies and struggle with chronic sinus issues every year, then yes, when the weather starts to change, start your allergy regimen a week or two before that so you can be prepared. “said Dr. Baker-Hankton.

She said traveling in and out of the area can also impact the sinuses. Leslye said she was just suffering from pollen and grass allergens. “It comes with the seasons. This morning I was a little bit breathing, tired, my eyes are itchy, “Leslye said.


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