How to deal with new allergy symptoms caused by pet hair, pollen



(WKBN) – Many of us brought home a new pet during the pandemic, not realizing we can have allergies.

First News has told many stories about the increase in pet adoptions during the pandemic, but what many people may not have known until they brought home their new dog or cat is that ‘they could be allergic.

People who are allergic to their pets can develop symptoms of chronic allergy.

Dr Sandra Hong of the Cleveland Clinic said that if you are allergic to your pet, you will start with classic allergy symptoms.

Then, over time, chronic symptoms can start to develop. She said these symptoms can be similar to sinus infections or asthma symptoms.

“Usually when you live with something you’re allergic to, like a dog or cat, you don’t get these acute symptoms of itching, sneezing, dripping. [noses] so much. You get more stuffy symptoms [noses] and flowing down your throat, ”Dr Hong said.

Dr. Hong recommends seeing an allergist to determine what exactly is the cause. It could be your new pet or the pollen they bring on their fur after being outside.

If it turns out that you are allergic to your new pet, there are things you can do.

Dr Hong said to keep pets in certain areas of the house. Allergy medications and injections are also an option.

“The only difficult thing is, for dogs, allergy shots just aren’t as good as some of the other allergens,” Dr. Hong said. “For some reason it just doesn’t work as well. The good thing is if they have allergies and they improve on all of their other allergies [symptoms], this could improve their dog allergy symptoms.

She said that reducing dander is another option; you can try filters or replace the carpet with a hardwood floor.


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