Weather Conditions Increase Severe Allergy Symptoms in the Texas Panhandle

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) — Fire, rain and snow have battered the Panhandle for the past two weeks and allergy sufferers are feeling the effects.

“Over the past two weeks we’ve seen a lot more patients complaining, itchy eyes, runny nose, some people are wheezing,” said Texas Tech Health allergy specialist Dr. James Tarbox. Science Center.

Normally, tree pollen is the biggest culprit in allergy sufferers, but high speeds carrying insect particles and ragweed make matters worse.

Environmental experts at West Texas A&M University say the transition from wet to dry poses more of a problem in the wind.

“When we have humidity in the Texas begging zone and followed by a dry condition, that will translate to tons of extra spores,” said West Texas A&M science professor Dr. Nabarun Ghosh. University.

Ghosh also says other particles circulating in the wind come from feedlots.

He and his research team also trapped pollen from Tulsa, as the wind can carry particles 500 miles.

Aside from prescribing inhalers and antihistamines, medical experts recommend closing your doors and changing filters.

“Especially if you drive a lot, make sure your car’s air filter has been changed recently,” Tarbox said. “Same thing with your house, you want to have your filters changed several times a year.”

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